We carry most spares parts and accessories for RAW and Theoben PCP rifles.



To order any of the items listed please call: 931 638 0241 or Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New and Used magazines available, wide and narrow, used from $45, New from $72.

Service kits for RAW and Theoben rifles, PCP and Gas Ram from $19.50


Please note: All new rifles come as standard with Wide magazines for longer ammo, 22 MOA machined into the Picatinny mounting and enlarged plenum space internally for added volume, these have been standard features for over 3 years, you do not need to ask for those items, also every New rifle has the drop down speed lever.

Chassis cheek are changeable from left to right.

All rifles are set up shooting the following speeds and pellets for best Accuracy  (.22 @ 930 fps with JSB 25.4 Redesigned)  (.25 @ 900 fps with JSB 33.95)  ( .30 @ 890 fps with JSB 44.7)



NEW and Available for shipping    .22, .25 and .30 cal Hm1000x  Chassis stock, poly barrel 1/2 x 20 Threaded adapter, $1900  (same as picture below)


Now Sold        .357 unregulated, 220ft lbs of energy with a 142gr NSA solid, chassis stock and M18 Threaded adapter, $1950, picture below is how the rifle will look.





 NEW and Available for shipping .30  .25  or .22 cal:    HM1000x with Black Thumbhole stock, adjustable cheek and UIT rail, 1/2 x 20 muzzle threaded adapter attached.   $2200


Available to order:  HM1000x with 1.5" diameter Carbon Fiber Moderator attached, stock colors in Thumbhole, Black, Black and Brown and Blue,Black and Red as shown.

Any Cal from .177 up to 30 can be built. $2260.


Available to ship:  HM1000x LRT with 1.5" diameter Carbon Fiber Moderator attached, stock colors, Black, Tan, Camo, Blue/Black, Red/Black.

Any Cal from .177 up to 30 can be built. $2200.